3 Bradley University 1999 Irish Multimedia Safari
June 6th - Back in Dublin

Boyle to Dublin

Heading back to Dublin, our last report will be a summation of the trip, with contributions from each member of the group.

Howard says, "Got Guinness?"

The work each student created for this web site represents only the preliminary creative output of this class. The greater part of the work -- consisting of essays, photographs with captions, portraits with soundbites, short edited movies, and multi-node QuickTime Virtual Reality panoramic environments -- will be completed by the students at Bradley University during the fall semester, 1999. Each student will assemble his or her work within an interactive multimedia interface each will design.

When the individual work is complete, Chris Roliardi, working on an separate Independent Study course, will assemble the best of the each student's media into an overall interactive class project, which will be published as a limited edition cross-platform CD-ROM. If there is sufficient interest, copies of this CD could be made available to those who have become aware of this class through their visits to our web site.

Additionally, we will all contribute to an autumn piece about Clonmel, our Irish sister city, for the Sunday Peoria Journal Star's travel section. Students roamed the streets of Clonmel and its immediate vicinity, looking for pictures of places and people that make it distinctive. We hope that this work will increase the people-to-people understanding at the foundation of the Sister Cities program.

Technical Information:
All computer work was completed using an Apple G3 PowerBook, and FTP'd to the GCC web server using its internal modem. Low-resolution digital photographs were taken with the Kodak DC-50 camera and the Hitachi MPEG Cam multimedia recorder. High-resolution images were made with the Minolta RD-175 digital camera. Digital video and digital audio recordings were made with the MPEG Cam. QuickTime VR panoramas were made using the Kaidan Kiwi+ panoramic tripod head. Each of us also used conventional cameras, audio recorders, and camcorders.

Applications Used:
Microsoft Word 98, Adobe Photoshop 5, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, Adobe Premiere 5, SoundEdit 16, Sparkle, SoundApp, Anarchie.

I would like to express my appreciate to Dean Jeff Huberman of the Slane College for his encouragement and support for this project. Elmo Roach, Director of Bradley's International Programs, has been a consistent friend of these treks to Ireland. Marian Phelps, in his office, has always provided help. Ruth Seasons, of World Wide Travel in Peoria, assists us with the details of airfares and vehicle rentals in Ireland. Shane Ghere, of Bradley's Computing Services, was kind enough to lend us his G3 Powerbook. (After using it for two weeks, I've decided that I MUST have one of my own!) Jack Brimeyer, Managing Editor of the Peoria Journal Star, provided us with helpful suggestions and agreed to publish the Clonmel work, and also created the linkage to the pjstar.com web site. Ed Lamoureux and Dallas Walters at the GCC ably held down the fort for the Multimedia Program.

I would also like to thank all the Irishmen and woman who cooperated with the work of the Bradley University students, as well as the B&B owners who let us hook up our computer to their phone lines. Thanks also to each of our visitors who wrote email to the site and gave us a sense of connection which at important times provided a needed energy boost.

I would like to thank Bradley Multimedia Program student David Knape, whose combination of artistic and technical skills was responsible for the design of the page templates used each day in our web site.

Finally, I would like to thank each of the students who accompanied me on this adventure. Their willingness to get up early, work long hours, approach each day with a spirit of discovery and wonder, and take each challenge -- from the weather to the mountains -- in good spirit, made all the work worthwhile. And to my daughters Lynne and Elana: I miss you very much, and wish you could've been here to share many of these Irish moments.

Howard Goldbaum

Chris says, "Got Guinness?"

When I left on this trip I didn't exactly know what to expect. Upon arriving in Ireland I found a country full beauty and a people full of life.

When Howard told us we were going to spend two weeks wandering the country interviewing people, I thought he was nuts. I said, "who is going to want to drop everything they are doing and talk to a bunch of kids that they have never even met." to my suprise I found a nation of people not only ready to drop everything to answer questions, but also a people with more questions for me than I had for them.

Also I learned a very important lesson on this trip. Last night I had a chance to meet two brothers on holiday in Boyle. We were telling them about our trip and kept asking if they had visited certain landmarks. To my surprise they responded with answers like, "well, I've been in a lot of old stone buildings in my life." That made me understand something: these people are living in what I consider one of the most beautiful places on earth, and they don't really even notice it. It makes me wonder if I'm missing something back home. So from now on I am going to make sure that I never take the beauty around me for granted again.

From now on I am going to make sure of two things in my life: one, that I stop to look at every mountain and sunset that I can, and two, that I make it back to this wonderful land as often as possible.

Chris Roliardi

Rebekah says, "Got Guinness?"

Last night, after hours of mountain climbing and documentary work, we had the unique opportunity to RELAX in conversation with an Irish family staying at our B&B. Mark, Jeanine, Stephen, and Katlyn are all involved with Internet technology. Even Katlyn, who is not yet a year old, has her own email address.

It's amazing how many email addresses I've collected while in Ireland. Each time I offer our web address, I also exchange email addressees with people. Just today I made two more email pen pans at one of our final stops in Carrick-on-Shannon. They were holding the national finals of the Canoe Polo competition: water polo on kayaks.

But now here we are back in Dublin, our final night in Ireland. We visited some new monumental sights, such as St. Patrick's Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral.

To hear the bells of Christ Church Cathedral (340 K), click on the picture above.

We also toured the Guinness brewery. We bought souvenirs and had a pint of Guinness on the house.

There's music to be heard tonight, then tomorrow I'll shoot a final virtual reality movie in the Dublin town.

Ireland is a mystical and memorable place. It's a land of spirit and beauty to which I must return. Here there are no strangers, only friends you have not yet met. To the friends I have made, I love you, I'll be in touch and we'll keep our Irish spirit alive.

Rebekah Keyster

Emily says, "Got Guinness?"

The exciting week has finally come to a close, but the memories of our Irish adventure will stay with us forever.

This trip has been so wonderful because it was more than just visiting another country...it was experiencing it.

By traveling around the country with no more than a duffel bag and our media-collecting equipment, we saw every aspect of the country in the "non-tourist" fashion.

Meeting farmers, fishermen, merchants, and artisans we learned about the people as individuals; we heard their stories that related them to the land we were visiting.

I have learned to appreciate Ireland and its culture now from two different visits with Bradley courses. I think the reason AI came back this year was not for the fun-filled van ride, but because I learned so from this not-just-a-class-but-an-adventure experience.

If anyone is thinking about traveling the United States, I can recommend these Bradley safaris to Ireland. And I'd make one further recommendation: try stepping into other people's shoes, get out of the mould of the usual tour-group tourist. Enjoy yourself and have a blast. I did!

Emily Larson

Kelly says, "Got Guinness?"

My overall experience from Ireland was unique in my life: I got the opportunity to see the green rolling countryside and the city life within Dublin and Galway. Throughout the trip I had a chance to meet and talk with a variety of individuals. I learned about where they were from, how they started their b businesses, and what they liked and disliked.

The highlights of the trip for me were walking around Dublin and experiencing its nightlife. I also had a good time this morning, when we passed through Carrick-on-Shannon and just lucked upon the national championships of the Canoe Polo league. I was able to talk to and interview different participants.

To see a short movie of the Irish Canoe Polo Championships (548 K), click on the picture above.

I also enjoyed dining out in Galway, splurging a bit for a wonderful meal. Another favorite was the Carrigafoyle Castle, with its spiral staircase.

The people in Ireland are open and warm. Through this week and a half, I didn't feel like I was in a strange country, but with people who made me feel at home. There is a lot of history and culture here, too much to grasp in one trip. I wish I had the ability to stay longer. I know that in the future I will return

Kelly Keene

Philip says, "Got Guinness?"

It is fitting that our journey began, and now will end, here in Dublin. The first two days provided us with an opportunity to learn about each other and the people of Ireland. Parents know what it is like having kids squeezed into a car, driving for hours at a time: "He's moving onto MY side...I don't have enough room!"

Of course, we are college students, and none of us would be so immature...

We have visited many historic buildings, cities, and ruins, and have met some interesting people. Each time we stopped to ask someone for directions, they were so enthusiastic in their assistance, they practically jumped into the van with us.

This trip was extra special for me: my first airplane ride, first trip out of the United States, first time seeing the ocean. I was quite overwhelmed by the entire experience.

One thing which made our journey across Ireland so enjoyable was the cohesiveness that developed among all six of us. Occasionally everyone needed some time away from the group, which his understandable. But we shared a lot of laughs and some great experiences.

This trip has left me with a better understanding of and appreciation for Irish culture. I have learned a great deal about the history of Ireland, but more importantly, I have learned a lot about myself.

Philip Butera

On our last evening in Dublin, we had dinner and then listened to music in the hotel next to our guesthouse. To see and hear a short movie (560 K) of the musical group, click on the above picture.

Thank you for visiting the 1999 Bradley University Irish Multimedia Safari.