Thursday, 5/27/99
1st Night in Dublin

Friday, 5/28
2nd Night in Dublin

Saturday, 5/29
Dublin to Glendalough

Sunday, 5/30
Glendalough to Clonmel

Monday, 5/31
Clonmel to Union Hall

Tuesday, 6/1
Union Hall to Sneem

Wednesday, 6/2
Sneem to Anascaul

Thursday, 6/3
Explore Dingle Penninsula

Friday, 6/4
Anascaul to Galway

Saturday, 6/5
Galway to Boyle

Sunday, 6/6
Boyle to Dublin

Monday, 6/7 - Tuesday, 6/8 Overnight London


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rest of the Bradley European
Summer Semester students
are up to, click here.

The fort of Cu Roi, from atop Caherconree,
Dingle Penninsula, Co. Kerry


   Christopher Roliardi

   Emily Larson

   Kelly Keene

   Phillip Butera
   Rebekah Keyster

   Howard Goldbaum


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